African American Inventions & Inventors

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In school, you learn less about African American’s greatest contributions to America. Most students don’t know about African American inventors and the importance of their inventions. Black people have created many helpful and/or some ordinary necessities, that most people use on a daily basis.I’m going to give these great women and men the recognition they deserve.

So, I’m going to list a couple of famous Black inventors and innovators below:

  1. Inventor: Lloyd P. Ray improved the earlier model of the dust pan.
  2. Inventor: Sarah Boone invented the ironing board.
  3. Inventor: Garrett Morgan created traffic lights.
  4. Inventor: George Crum created potato chips.
  5. Inventor: Alice Parker invented the water heater furnace.

Basically, Black people were responsible for many household items and universal products, but haven’t been heard of in many schools and educational institutions. Whether or not, Black people invented something or not they also improved and bettered  the designs and structures of other items like the refrigerator, mop and many other important items. These people deserve to be recognized for their smart thinking and great contribution to America.Without African Americans, America would have an incredibly  difficult time and so you can read about many other Black inventors in the link below:



Interesting Facts About American Indians

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Foremost, “Indian” or “American Indian” is the politically correct name instead of Native Americans, but for some reason Americans stick to this unfavorable label. American Indians were forced the name, “Native American”. Anyway, schools don’t teach students much about American Indians, expect for common stories of Pocahontas and John Smith or Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims inhumane act of mass murder. Nothing else, but shortened information of tribes, casinos, and so little info on the culture of American Indians. So, I found some interesting facts and information online on American Indians.

Here are a couple facts on American Indian:

1. “Lacrosse was first played by people of the Southeast, especially the Choctaw. French settlers thought the stick looked like a Bishop’s crosier (hooked staff), so when they introduced it to Europe, they called it La Crosse, which became lacrosse.”

2. “Europeans introduced several new and fatal diseases to the Native Americans. The most well-known disease was small pox, which decimated the Native Americans. Others killers included cholera and measles”.

3. “Many Native American women were sharpshooters and able horsewomen”.

4. “Over 75% of residents on Indian reservations in the U.S. are non-Indians”.

5.  “Even though they were not citizens, over 8,000 Native Americans served during WWI”.

There are more interesting facts to read about in the link below:


Hispanic Historical Figures

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In history class, students commonly learn about historical figures such as, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and so on. Recently, what I’ve noticed is the lack of recognition of Hispanic leaders and historical figures in educational environments. Most history textbooks don’t showcase accomplishments, major events and important contributions by Hispanic people. So, I’d gladly like to introduce you to a couple of Hispanic leaders.


“From music to politics to business, Hispanics are remaking America. TIME presents 25 titans leading the Latino charge into the 21st century”.

List of People:

Alberto Gonzales – 1st Hispanic Attorney General

Mel Martinez – 1st Cuban-American Senator

Antonio Villaragiosa – LA’s 1st Latino Mayor

Gustavo Santaolalla – Helped pioneer the mixture rock and Latin music

Robert Rodriguez – Hollywood Director

To be continued……

The rest of the influential Hispanic historical figures are listed in the link below:

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