African American Inventions & Inventors

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In school, you learn less about African American’s greatest contributions to America. Most students don’t know about African American inventors and the importance of their inventions. Black people have created many helpful and/or some ordinary necessities, that most people use on a daily basis.I’m going to give these great women and men the recognition they deserve.

So, I’m going to list a couple of famous Black inventors and innovators below:

  1. Inventor: Lloyd P. Ray improved the earlier model of the dust pan.
  2. Inventor: Sarah Boone invented the ironing board.
  3. Inventor: Garrett Morgan created traffic lights.
  4. Inventor: George Crum created potato chips.
  5. Inventor: Alice Parker invented the water heater furnace.

Basically, Black people were responsible for many household items and universal products, but haven’t been heard of in many schools and educational institutions. Whether or not, Black people invented something or not they also improved and bettered  the designs and structures of other items like the refrigerator, mop and many other important items. These people deserve to be recognized for their smart thinking and great contribution to America.Without African Americans, America would have an incredibly  difficult time and so you can read about many other Black inventors in the link below:



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